When you fire up our Free Fire Screensaver, each item on your desktop - including icons and all open windows - will appear to catch on fire with glowing, smokey effects, crackling and popping sounds, chimes and music. Your friends will say: Oh, your desktop is BURNING!

Publisher description

Watching fire is both exciting and dangerous. People love it! There is some pre-historic magic in fire. Free Fire Screensaver delivers the excitement of a real-life fire experience direct to your computer desktop. Discover beautiful flames to relax by, with the crackling sound of a real fire and the melody of your favorite song. Our Free Fire Screensaver sets a relaxing and romantic mood any time of the year, especially during cold winter nights. Just rest your mouse for a while, sit back and relax. The desktop dims out and starts to glow ardent orange, creating a glorious effect with flames that seem alive. The flames are curling up and dancing on the desktop icons and open windows as if they were wooden logs in the fireplace. The screensaver offers crackling and popping sounds. This adds greatly to the realism of the fire scene. You can also listen to music when the screensaver is engaged. Select a music track from the music set that comes with the screensaver or choose your own file for playback. Using the 'ENTER' key, you can even capture a picture of your burning desktop. We think this screensaver is worth downloading for the novelty value alone, just to hear your friends say: Oh, your desktop is BURNING!

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